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New Coder tutorials: 5 life jackets to throw the new coder

  • Data Visualization
  • Web Scraping
  • APIs
  • Networking
  • GUI

General directory layout:

├── <Project>/
│   ├──
│   ├── requirements.txt
│   ├── lib/
│   ├── tests/  # only for more advanced tutorials


PLEASE – When editing tutorial or full source code, please edit the documentation to go along with it within the website folder (and vice-versa).

When writing documentation, please use smart quotes. :)

Documentation Build Instructions

Documentation is essentially the website itself. Simply install requirements, run the build command within website directory:

$ mkvirtualenv newcoder-website
(newcoder-website) $ cd website
(newcoder-website) $ pip install -r requirements.txt

To build the site:

(newcoder-website) $ mynt gen -f _site

To serve the site locally:

(newcoder-website) $ mynt serve _site

And navigate to localhost:5000.

I’ve included a simple script that combines the two above commands:

(newcoder-website) $ ./

If you get a permission denied message, you may need to change the file mode in order to run the with the ./ preceeding:

(newcoder-website) $ chmod +x
(newcoder-website) $ ./

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