Solutions to Rosalind Bioinformatics Problems

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Rosalind Bioinformatics


My solutions to bioinformatics problems found on the Rosalind website, worked primarily in Python.

Rosalind Website:

My Rosalind Profile:

Repository Structure

Top Level Directory

The top level directory contains problem solutions.

Solutions from the main problem area, the bioinformatics stronghold, are named by the numerical order of which they appear on the Rosalind website and by their Rosalind ID.

Solutions from the smaller problem areas (Armory, Python, and Textbook) are named starting with the location name, and are listed in numerical order by their problem ID.

Scripts Directory

The scripts directory contains scripts for various processes which appear in multiple Rosalind problems but are not solutions to actual problems.

Data and Output Directories

The data and output directories hold text files containing the data for each problem supplied by Rosalind, and the associated output from my solutions.

Data and output from the smaller problem areas (Armory, Python, and Textbook) are stored in subfolders.

Some early problems do not have output files, as the solutions are very short and easy to copy.

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Solutions to Rosalind Bioinformatics Problems
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