Engine/framework for PoC applications.

License: Zlib

Language: C++

Vertex Engine

This is open source 3D graphics engine mostly for proof of concept graphics application purposes. In the future it may evolve into some kind of game engine.

Short-term TODOs

  • Refactor engine's architecture
  • Remove watch_ptr class
  • Add base abstract class for lights
  • Improve scene graph
  • Easy to use toolkit to create demo/game scenes
  • Is CoreAssetManager necessary? Ans: Yes, it, is
  • Better resource management
  • Easy to use material system
  • Refactored & enhanced shader class
  • Add feature to add #include directive in shaders (generic default shaders)
  • Update & move dlls to bin32/bin64 subfolders
  • Add Forward rendering technique
  • Add Deferred rendering technique
  • Add easy to use interface to switch between different rendering techniques
  • Easy to use interface for postprocess effects
  • Shadow mapping
  • Variance Shadow Mapping
  • Models' animation (linear blend skinning, dual quaternion skinning)
  • Directional ligths support
  • Spot ligths support
  • Point ligths support
  • Light Shafts
  • Support for geometry shaders
  • Support for compute shaders
  • Support for tesselation shaders

Long-term TODOs

  • Convert project to use CMake
  • Graphical editor to creation of demo/game scenes easier
  • Support for Lua scripting language
  • Constructive solid geometry
  • GPU supported ray tracing, photon mapping
  • Support for Vulkan renderer
  • Efficient and realistic atmospheric scattering

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