snowflake video_game Extensible Emulator Frontend written in C# and Javascript

License: MPL-2.0

Language: C#

Keywords: emulator, emulator-frontend, game


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Snowflake is a framework for building flexible and beautiful emulator frontends. With features such as advanced configuration generation and an intelligent scraping system, Snowflake provides a powerful set of tools to manage, play, and organize your games when designing your dream frontend using HTML and modern Javascript.


Snowflake provides a comprehensive C# API and Javascript bindings to handle all aspects of an emulator frontend.

  • Scraping
    • Efficient ROM file-type identification using filetype signatures.
    • Stone-mimetype based ROM types.
    • Plugin-based architecture for arbitrary information sources (TheGamesDB, OpenVGDB, etc.), and arbitrary media files (Automatic CUE generation, EmuMovies, Screenshots and Boxarts).
    • Shiragame hashed ROM database as a secondary identification source.
  • Games
    • Multi-disc and multi-file oriented games database.
    • Relational metadata and linked media files to each Game record.
    • Stone platform definitions for platform metadata and management.
  • Emulators
    • On-the-fly per-game configuration generation and configuration metadata.
    • Comprehensive input management API for input configuration generation and metadata using Stone controller definitions.
    • Plugin-based architecture for emulation launch management allowing for increased control over the emulator launch process.
  • Development
    • React-ready TypeScript bindings for all relevant APIs.
    • Electron-based desktop user interface.
    • Arbitrary binding support for additional bindings to any environment.
    • Fully documented C# API.
    • Full Linux support through .NET Core and .NET Standard.

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Snowflake is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 since Pull Request #231. Since May 1, 2016, this license is retroactively applied to all prior copies of Snowflake's source code. Any fork of the codebase prior to the relicensing to Apache 2 must be distributed under the GNU GPL v3. Any copy of the codebase that remains unmerged with the main repository prior to the relincensing on May 1, 2016, can be distributed under both the terms of the Apache Public License 2.0, or the Mozilla Public License, where legally possible. This means that, any copy of the code prior to the merging of Pull Request #226 can be distributed under the Apache Public License 2.0. However, any copy of the code after and including Pull Request #226 must only be distributed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Snowflake does not in any way facilitate the download of illegal ROM images or warez of any kind.

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