An SDL wrapper library for .NET.

License: Zlib

Language: C#


DotSDL is a .NET Standard library designed to allow easy access to the SDL2 library using either the .NET Framework or .NET Core.

Unlike SDL2#, DotSDL is not a direct SDL wrapper. It attempts to add some additional functionality to make writing SDL applications easier.

Current Features

At this time, DotSDL supports the following features:

  • Audio
    • Support for all audio formats supported by SDL.
    • Full upmixing and downmixing for mono, stereo, and quadraphonic audio.
      • 5.1 audio is supported, but upmixing and downmixing support for it is currently limited.
  • Input
    • Keyboard input.
    • Window events.
  • Graphics
    • An arbitrary number of 32-bit ARGB background canvases (useful for pixel plotting and backgrounds).
    • Sprite drawing, with support for alpha blending, world and screen space rendering, rotation, flipping, and scaling.
    • Configurable Z-order for all sprites and background layers.
  • Power
    • Battery state.

How To Use DotSDL

DotSDL is currently under heavy development and, as such, doesn't have much in the way of documentation. Currently, the best way to use it is to look over the sample/test projects and to read over the XMLDocs on the classes and methods.

If you would still like to play around with DotSDL, the project can be built using the .NET Core SDK or any IDE that support .NET Standard projects. You will also need a native SDL2 library for each architecture that you plan to build your project against.

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