Temporary file library for rust

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Language: Rust

Keywords: filesystem-library, library, rust, tempfile, testing


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A secure, cross-platform, temporary file library for Rust. In addition to creating temporary files, this library also allows users to securely open multiple independent references to the same temporary file (useful for consumer/producer patterns and surprisingly difficult to implement securely).



Minimum required Rust version: 1.24.0

Add this to your Cargo.toml:

tempfile = "3"

...and this to your crate root:

extern crate tempfile;


extern crate tempfile;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io::{Write, Read, Seek, SeekFrom};

fn main() {
    // Write
    let mut tmpfile: File = tempfile::tempfile().unwrap();
    write!(tmpfile, "Hello World!").unwrap();

    // Seek to start;

    // Read
    let mut buf = String::new();
    tmpfile.read_to_string(&mut buf).unwrap();
    assert_eq!("Hello World!", buf);

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