web log viewer that combines logs from several sources

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Logserver is a web log viewer that combines logs from several sources.



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  • Get the binary with go get:

go get -u

Run a Docker Container


  • A logserver config is in /etc/logserver/logserver.json.
  • Logserver should listen to port 80

The command line:

docker run -d --restart always --name logserver --net host \
    -v /etc/logserver/logserver.json:/logserver:json \
    stratoscale/logserver -addr :80


Logserver is configured with a json configuration file. See example.

The json should be a dict with the following keys:

  • sources (list of source dicts): Logs sources, from which the logs are merged ans served.
  • parsers (list of parser dicts): Which parsers to apply to the log files.
  • global (dict of attributes): General configuration
  • cache (dict of attributes): Cache configuration
  • route (dict of attributes): Route configuration

Source Dict

  • name (string): Name of source, the name that this source will be shown as
  • url (URL string with supported schemes): URL of source.
  • open_tar (bool): Weather to treat tar files as directories, used for logs that are packed into a tar file.
  • open_journal (string): Open a journalctl directory as a log file. The value should be the journalctl directory from the source root.

Supported URL Schemes

Logserver supports different type of log sources, each has a different scheme:

  • file:// (URL string): Address in local file system. The file location can be absolute with file:///var/log or relative to the directory from which the command line was executed: file://./log.
  • sftp:// (URL string): Address of sftp server (or SSH server). The URL can contain a user name and password and path from the system root. For example: s
  • ssh:// (URL string): Address of ssh server. Obey the same rules as sftp server.
  • nginx+http://, nginx+https:// (URL string): Address of an nginx configured to serve files with autoindex on; directive. It supports both HTML and JSON autoindex_format.

Parser Dict

Logserver can parse each log line according to a list of configured parsers. Parsers can handle json logs (each line is a json dict), or regular logs with regular expression rules.

Each parser can be defined with the following keys:

  • glob (string): File pattern to apply this parser on.
  • time_formats (list of strings): Parse timestamp string according to those time formats. The given format should be in Go style time formats, or unix_int or unix_float.
  • json_mapping (dict): Parse each log line as a json, and map keys from that json to the UI expected keys. The keys are values that the UI expect, the values are keys from the file json.
  • regexp (Go style regular expression string): Parse each line in the long with this regular expression. the given regular expression should have named groups with the keys that the UI expects.
  • append_args (bool): (for json log) Add to msg all remaining json keys in format: key=value.

UI Keys

The UI expects the following keys in each parsed log:

  • msg: Log message.
  • time: Time stamp of log.
  • level: Log level.
  • args: If args are given, they will be injected into the log msg. Args value can be []interface{} Or map[string]interface{}, According to the log message.

Global Dict

  • content_batch_size
  • content_batch_time
  • search_max_size

Cache Dict

  • size
  • expiration

Route Dict

  • base_path
  • root_path

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