License: Zlib

Language: PHP


raddit is a web-based forum with voting and threaded comments. It is built on the Symfony framework. Any similarities between this software and that of a large community symbolised by an alien logo are purely coincidental.


  • PHP >= 7.0 with the APCu, curl, and PDO_PGSQL extensions.
  • PostgreSQL >= 9.3
  • Composer
  • Node.js (>= 8.x preferred)

My dev environment runs PHP 7.1 and PostgreSQL 9.5 under macOS Sierra. If any compatibility issues with other software versions or operating systems should arise, a bug report would be most appreciated.

Getting started

Clone the repository somewhere and navigate there with the command line.

Building frontend assets

  1. Run npm install.

  2. Run npm run build-dev. The web/build/ directory should now contain some files.

Setting up the backend

  1. Run composer install. You should be prompted for database credentials, mail sending stuff, and a secret token. You can leave the default values for the mail stuff, but you must supply valid database credentials.

    If this step fails, you can remove or edit app/config/parameters.yml and run composer install to try again.

  2. Run bin/symfony_requirements to check that your environment meets the requirements needed to run the software. Fix any errors that arise.

  3. Run bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate to load the database schema.

  4. Run bin/console raddit:add-user <username> <email address> to create a user account.

  5. Run bin/console server:run to start the application.

  6. Navigate to http://localhost:8000/. Log in with the credentials you chose in step 4.

Reporting issues

You can email to disclose or discuss something in private with the creator of the software.


You are always welcome to submit pull requests for things like bug fixes, documentation, and new translations. Pull requests for new/altered functionality are likely to be rejected, as this must be discussed with the community beforehand.

If you'd like to support me with money, you can send Bitcoins to 1AXAH2ZaHfVsq2xnbXRN9497FpUAri8x72.


The software is released under the zlib license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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