The consensus GEM for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

License: CC-BY-4.0

Language: MATLAB

Keywords: genome-scale-models, systems-biology, yeast

yeast-GEM: The consensus genome-scale metabolic model of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

  • Brief Model Description:

This repository contains the current consensus genome-scale metabolic model of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is the continuation of the legacy project For the latest release please click here.

  • Model KeyWords:

GEM Category: Species; Utilisation: maximising growth; Field: metabolic-network reconstruction; Type of Model: curated, reconstruction; Model Source: Yeast 7.6; Taxonomy: Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Metabolic System: General Metabolism; Bioreactor

  • Last update: 2018-04-12

  • The model:

Taxonomy Template Model Reactions Metabolites Genes
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast 7.6 3496 2224 922

This repository is administered by Benjamín J. Sánchez (@BenjaSanchez), Division of Systems and Synthetic Biology, Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology.


Required Software - User:

Required Software - Contributor:

Dependencies - Recommended Software:

  • libSBML MATLAB API (version 5.15.0 is recommended).
  • For simulations, Gurobi Optimizer for MATLAB (version 6.5.2 is recommended).

Installation Instructions

  • Just want to use the model? Clone it from master in the Github repo, or just download the latest release.
  • Wish to also contribute? Fork it to your Github account, and create a new branch from devel.

Complementary Scripts

  • missingFields: Folder with functions for adding missing fields to the model.
    • addGeneNames.m: Adds the field geneNames by extracting the data from KEGG.
    • getConfidenceScores.m: Assigns confidence scores based in a basic automatic criteria.
    • getMissingFields.m: Retrieves missing information (rxnECNumbers and subSystems) from KEGG & Swissprot. It uses changeRules.m for properly reading the gene-reaction rules, and findInDB.m, getAllPath.m, findSubSystem.m & deleteRepeated.m for reading the databases. The latter 4 functions are adapted versions of functions from the GECKO toolbox.
  • modelCuration: Folder with curation functions.
    • addiSce926changes.m: Updates the model to include curation from the iSce926 model.
    • calculateContent.m: Calculates the protein and carb fraction in the biomass pseudo-rxn.
    • changeBiomass.m: Rescales the biomass composition for varying protein content in anaerobic case. Also changes GAM and NGAM.
    • checkMetBalance.m: Shows rxns that consume/produce a given metabolite in the model.
    • makeFormulasCompliant.m: Fixes the compliance problems of some metabolite formulas.
    • modelCorrections.m: Corrects various issues in yeast7 (biomass composition, proton balance, Ox.Pho., GAM and NGAM).
    • takeOutFromFormula.m: Takes away from formula each of the elements specified.
    • updateMetaboliteAnnotation.m: Reads metabolite_manual_curation.tsv and updates the model with it.
  • otherChanges: Folder with other types of changes.
    • anaerobicModel.m: Transforms the model to anaerobic conditions.
    • clusterBiomass.m: Separates the biomass in 5 main components: protein, carbohydrate, lipid, RNA and DNA.
    • convertYmn2FBC2.m: Converts yeast7 from COBRA-compatible SBML2 to FBC v2, thereby adding the missing annotation data, which could not be retained with the older COBRA versions.
    • getNewIndex.m: Finds the highest index available in either metabolites or rxns, and then adds one to it, for creating any new species.
  • dependencies.txt: Tracks SBML versions and levels used for saving the model.
  • boundaryMets.txt: Contains a list of all boundary metabolites in model, listing the id and name.
  • increaseVersion.m: Updates the version of the model in version.txt and as metaid in the .xml file. Saves the model as .mat and as .xlsx
  • saveYeastModel.m: Saves yeast model as a .xml, .yml and .txt file, and updates boundaryMets.txt and dependencies.txt.
  • loadYeastModel.m: Loads the yeast model from the .xml file.

Complementary Data

  • iSce926curatedGeneRules.tsv: Manually curated gene rules added to the model based on the iSce926 model.
  • iSce926newGenes.tsv: New genes added to the model based on the iSce926 model.
  • metabolite_manual_curation.tsv: All manually curated data added to metabolites.
  • SGDgeneNames.tsv: Short gene names for each gene ID.
  • kegg.tsv: KEGG data for S. cerevisiae.
  • swissprot.tsv: SWISSPROT data for S. cerevisiae.


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