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The features implemented:

  • Any one can post a news from their dashboard(assuming after successful login)

  • All logged-in users, if any, should get an alert saying ‘1 Unread News.’ This should happen real time without any page refresh. The count should dynamically increase as many new news are not opened by the logged-in user so far.

  • Once viewed we should show ‘1 Read News’. This count will increase as many news are opened.

  • If there is any new login happening then the same should happen.

  • There should be a link ‘Show all News’ on the dashboard and clicking on that should show a list of all news posted so far. Let’s call this page ‘News List’.

  • We should be able to add any number of comments to a new. And we need to track who added a comment

  • If any News posting is deleted then it should not show up in any ones ‘News List’ page

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