Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST)

Driving social change with digital technology


A selection of projects, organisations and useful tools for social-impact tech
Last pushed - 46 stars - 15 forks
an app to find tech for good events near you
Elixir - MIT - Last pushed - 9 stars - 1 forks
slack integration to help with CAST admin
Haskell - MIT - Last pushed - 1 stars
Reconciliation for UK Charities, with elasticsearch back end.
Python - Last pushed - 5 stars - 2 forks
Elm week at Founders & Coders
Elm - MIT - Last pushed - 12 stars - 3 forks
utility to transport gingerbread data into elasticsearch
Haskell - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Most Used Packages

Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase or PascalCase: `foo-bar` → `foo...
Latest release 5.0.0 - Updated - 214 stars
Small, fast, modular HTTP server.
Latest release 2.6.1 - Updated - 5.42K stars
Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use website
Latest release 9.4.10 - Updated - 16.7K stars
small debugging utility
Latest release 4.1.0 - Updated - 7.32K stars
yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
Latest release 13.2.2 - Updated - 5.92K stars
Detect whether a terminal supports color
Latest release 6.0.0 - Updated - 150 stars
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