Localization library for AngularJS, providing a filter and a factory.

Language: JavaScript


Localization library for AngularJS, providing a filter and a factory.



You need to determine the language and set the locale dictionary manually by calling i18n.set({...}). Here's an example.

angular.module('myapp', ['angularity-i18n']).run(function(i18n, $http){

regular text:

in template:

{{ 'Hello world' | i18n }}

in locale.json:

{ 'Hello world' : '世界你好' }


in template:

{{ 'Hello %1, I am %2' | i18n:'Tom':'Bob' }}

in locale.json:

{ 'Hello %1, I am %2': 'Hello %1, I am %2' }

plural forms:

if the value of the entry is an object, it would be treated as pluralization. And the first argument indicates the number.

in template:

{{ 'There is %1 apple in %2 basket' | i18n:4:'my' }}

in locale.json:

{ 'There is %1 apple in %2 basket': {
	'0' :   'There is no apple in %2 basket',
	'1' :   'There is %1 apple in %2 basket',
	'other' : 'There are %1 apples in %2 basket'

in js:

in controller:

// function TestController(i18n)...
i18n('Hello world');


$filter('i18n')('Hello world');


i18nFilter('There is %1 apple in %2 basket', 4, 'my');

Better way to make i18n JSON file

Writing i18n file in JSON format is a little painful. I prefer writing it in YAML, then converting it to a JSON file. script/yaml_i18n.rb is a ruby file that I use to do such a job. Have fun.

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