The standard Active Directory object picker dialog for .NET

License: MS-PL

Language: C#

Keywords: active-directory, c-sharp, nuggets, picker, windows

Active Directory Object Picker Build status

The standard Active Directory object picker dialog for .NET


This project is based on a Active Directory Common Dialogs .NET (ADUI) created in 2004 by Armand du Plessis. It has been updated and make it working with 64 bit Windows Editions.

How to use it

You can install the lastest version using NuGet

Install-Package Tulpep.ActiveDirectoryObjectPicker

And use it this way:

DirectoryObjectPickerDialog picker = new DirectoryObjectPickerDialog()
    AllowedObjectTypes = ObjectTypes.Computers,
    DefaultObjectTypes = ObjectTypes.Computers,
    AllowedLocations = Locations.All,
    DefaultLocations = Locations.JoinedDomain,
    MultiSelect = true,
    ShowAdvancedView = true

if (picker.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
    foreach (var sel in picker.SelectedObjects)

This repository contains a Visual Studio Test Project if you want a working example.

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