Visual Studio Code extension to sort lines of text


License: MIT

Language: JavaScript


Sort lines of text in Visual Studio Code. The following types of sorting are supported:

  • Sort lines - Regular character code based sort (F9)
  • Sort lines (case insensitive) - Case insensitive sort
  • Sort lines (line length) - Sort lines by line length
  • Sort lines (reverse) - Reverse character code based sort
  • Sort lines (unique) - Regular character code keeping only unique items
  • Sort lines (shuffle) - Shuffles the lines randomly


  1. Open VS Code
  2. Press F1
  3. Type "install"
  4. Select "Extensions: Install Extension".
  5. Select sort-lines from the list

Install animation


Select the lines to sort, press F1 type sort and select the desired sort. The regular sort has the default hotkey F9.

Usage animation

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