An IRC client

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An IRC client


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Varjelus/nodebob is a tool for simplifying NW.js app packaging. As of September 2015 it supports only 64-bit versions of Windows (tested on 7 & 10).

Run git clone nodebob Move these files to nodebob/sources Run nodebob/build.bat Packaged app will be in the release folder


Run the main executable. On the bottom-left corner is a +-button which you can join networks with. Default name values are from your system environment variables.

After successfully joining a network you can use the top-right +-button to join channels or open queries.

F12 opens Chromium dev tools.

Design guidelines

  • Language agnosticism: buttons, inputs etc. should not need additional labels.
  • Ease of customisation: smart methods and clear names.
  • Module separation: Keep UI manipulating code separate from underlying mechanics.



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