A cool little application

Language: Clojure

Keywords: cljs, clojure, clojurescript, garden, reagent


A reagent application designed to model the pomodoro timer technique.

Development Mode


To enable:

  1. Open Chrome's DevTools,Ctrl-Shift-i
  2. Open "Settings", F1
  3. Check "Enable custom formatters" under the "Console" section
  4. close and re-open DevTools

Compile css:

Compile css file once.

lein garden once

Automatically recompile css file on change.

lein garden auto

Run application:

lein clean
lein figwheel dev

Figwheel will automatically push cljs changes to the browser.

Wait a bit, then browse to http://localhost:3449.

Production Build

lein clean
lein cljsbuild once min

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