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This Bundle is Deprecated

This bundle is being replaced by PHP-Cache. Check it out!

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Cache Bundle for Symfony 2

Creates services in Symfony 2, for cache, that can also be used with doctrines three cache types (metadata, result, and query). It also provides functionality for session handler support, and Router support.

The respective cache extensions will be required for your project.

Redis uses the php redis extension.


  • PHP >= 5.6, < 7.1
  • Symfony >= 2.7, < 4.0
  • Composer

To Install

Run the following in your project root, assuming you have composer set up for your project

composer.phar require aequasi/cache-bundle

Add the bundle to app/AppKernel.php

       new Aequasi\Bundle\CacheBundle\AequasiCacheBundle(),

Then add parameters (probably in config.yml) for your servers, and options

          persistent: true # Boolean or persistent_id
          namespace: mc
          type: memcached
              - { host: localhost, port: 11211 }

To see all the config options, run php app/console config:dump-reference aequasi_cache to view the config settings


This bundle allows you to use its services for Doctrine's caching methods of metadata, result, and query.

If you want doctrine to use this as the result and query cache, add this

        enabled: true
            instance: default
            entity_managers:   [ default ]          # the name of your entity_manager connection
            document_managers: [ default ]       # the name of your document_manager connection
            instance: default
            entity_managers:   [ default, read ]  # you may specify multiple entity_managers
            instance: default
            entity_managers: [ default ]


This bundle even allows you to store your session data in one of your cache clusters. To enable:

        enabled: true
        instance: default
        prefix: "session_"
        ttl: 7200


This bundle also provides router caching, to help speed that section up. To enable:

        enabled: true
        instance: default

If you change any of your routes, you will need to clear all of the route_* keys in your cache.

To Use

To use this with doctrine's entity manager, just make sure you have useResultCache and/or useQueryCache set to true. If you want to use the user cache, just grab the service out of the container like so:

// Change default to the name of your instance
$cache = $container->get( 'aequasi_cache.instance.default' );
// Or
$cache = $container->get( 'aequasi_cache.default' );

Here is an example usage of the service:

$cache = $this->get( 'aequasi_cache.instance.default' );
$item = $cache->getItem('test');
if ($item->isHit()) {


$cache->saveItem('test', $em->find('AcmeDemoBundle:User', 1), 3600);

Need Help?

Create an issue if you've found a bug, or ping me on twitter: @aequasi

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