Base Flask/uWSGI/nginx setup

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

Keywords: flask, nginx, python-3, template, uwsgi

Base Flask Setup

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This is a base Flask/uWSGI/nginx setup, useful as a skeleton for building simple web apps from. This is meant to be used for websites, as opposed to pure JSON sites which would be better developed using a different language or framework (e.g. sanic).


  • Developed specifically for Python 3
  • Minimal but up-to-date python dependencies
  • 100% test coverage
  • No issues from Code Climate
  • PEP8 compliant
  • Documented setup and usage procedures
  • Includes setting up secure and fast nginx/uwsgi in production
  • Docker support


Modify and run bin/ to create a copy of base-flask for your project needs, then run bin/ to set up the host.

Base-flask is designed to work with a minimally sized AWS EC2 or DigitalOcean instance, running a modern version of Ubuntu (18.04 LTS recommended).


A CDN like cloudflare can also be added on to boost speed. A good cloudflare setup would be to use full SSL encryption and to install an origin certificate so that requests are encrypted end-to-end.


Setup (using virtualenvwrapper):

mkvirtualenv app -p python3.5
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements-test.txt
ln -s .env.development .env

Spinning up the server:

python app/

Running tests:

mypy app --ignore-missing-imports
coverage run -m unittest discover


This repo uses:

# Switch to python 3
pyenv local 3.5
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements-test.txt
ln -s .env.development .env

# Test
coverage run -m unittest discover
coverage report

# Deployment
ssh website/bin/

Building and starting the docker container

docker build -t $PROJECT_NAME:test .
docker run -t -i -p $PROJECT_NAME:test






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