Prototype for a new repo in the angular org

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Language: TypeScript

Angular Monorepo

This is a prototype for a new repository we would host on the org.

It would be a single master upstream tree for all Angular projects, including Material, CLI/Devkit, Universal, etc.

It's also suitable for

  • other Angular related projects that want to share build/CI infrastructure with us, eg. AngularFire or ngRx
  • Hosting examples of how enterprise-scale development works


TODO(alexeagle): fill in more detail

  • Each existing repository can choose to stay open to collect issues and PRs, or archive and merge fully into angular/angular.
  • The repository should switch to Bazel at the same time, so that it's possible to have incremental build/CI across the whole tree. Otherwise CI would become impossible because of the volume of tests times the number of commits.
  • angular/angular would stay open and would collect issues/PRs/milestones etc.
  • angular/monorepo would have the canonical post-merge CI - we want a global green across all our projects at head
  • Enforce that certain subtrees are owned in a given repository, eg. don't allow changes to angular/packages/core to land in the material repository.
  • Some tooling - to be created - should automatically create a merge PR from green angular/monorepo back down to each repository. And each change merged to a repository should be cherry-picked as a PR to angular/monorepo. Whenever one of these merge/cherry-pick PRs fails, alert the caretaker that there's a CI breakage between different repositories.

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