Macro annotations to log method calls easily

Language: Scala

Work in progress, current version is not usable!

This is a library containing annotation macros to allow easily and automatically log entering/leaving methods. Just import com.github.alexeyr.trace.entry_exit.TraceEntryExit and annotate your methods to insert logging statements in the beginning and the end of the method, containing the method name, arguments and return value. You can override default behavior by giving parameters to the annotation, e.g. @TraceEntryExit(logReturnValue = false).

You can also annotate classes/traits/objects to handle all their methods (except for trivial val/var getters) at once, using @SkipTracing on methods you want to skip and @TraceEntryExit to override settings for a specific method.

SLF4J and Log4j2 are supported.

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