[HACKATHON] Detect "dormant" bots on Twitter

License: EUPL-1.2

Language: JavaScript

Detect dormant bots on Twitter within the network of some given account.

Features of a dormant account

Keep in mind that this is just a hackathon proof of concept. No one is saying that any account bearing these features is necessarily a dormant bot. However, manual classification has proven that even with such naive conditions, around 85% of detected accounts do indeed seem to be inauthentic.

  • Max 15 tweets
  • Ratio Friends/Followers > 3
  • Created after Feb 01 2019


In the file .env:

  • Specify your Twitter credentials:
  • Specify the MongoDB url:
  • Specify the Twitter handle of the seed user, that is the user from whom the graph exploration will start:


Install dependencies:

    npm install

Insert the seed user:

    node firstUserToExplore.js

Start the detector:

    node jobsRunner.js

You also can start a web UI to display a counter of dormant bots found:

    npm start


As result, the script stores every account matching the given conditions in a twitterusers collection. It also stores every encountered account in a backup collection to allow changing features and rerun the detector locally without calling the Twitter API.

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