Enhances Julia Client Toolbar

License: MIT

Language: CoffeeScript

Juno-Toolbar-Plus Atom package

This is a simple Atom's package that enhances Julia Client Toolbar by adding some useful buttons.



Files and Folders

  • Open Folder - useful for opening and developing a project/package
  • Select Julia working directory


  • Restart Julia (which removes workspace)
  • Erase console
  • Fold all - Unfold all: useful for code overview

Code Tools:

  • Auto Indent Selection (faster than Julia-Client formatting button)
  • Show documentation of selection


  • Markdown preview: for previewing if the package is already installed

Atom utilities:

  • Open Settings
  • Fullscreen
  • Command Palette

Installation Tip:

After installation, if the Julia Client icons are still present, you might need to reload/restart Atom 2 times! (because this package adjusts Julia Client and Tool-bar config settings).


originally it was supposed to be merged to Julia Client, but the developers recommended to create a separate package. They may add this to uber-Juno installation.

Repo: If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to include.

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Enhances Julia Client Toolbar
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