Tiles is a visual tool for creating grids.

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript



Tiles is a free visual tool for creating grids. Currently, it uses the old bootstrap grid, but this could be changed in the future. This tool is still in its initial development phase, but it is mostly functional. Check out the demo which is constantly updated with new features and bugfixes.

Browser support

For the time being, Chrome is the only tested and supported browser until I have more time to expand the support, but don't expect any old IE support. This is strictly a tool for modern browsers.


  • Finish the resizing feature
  • Clean up the code into multiple classes and organize the files into subdirectories after inital development
  • Convert CSS to Less
  • Separate specific features from the actual app
  • Add undo/redo
  • Add new Bootstrap grids alongside the old one
  • Add ability to merge tiles when possible

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