A cool accordion gallery for your meteor projects.

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Accordion Gallery

A cool accordion gallery for your meteor projects.

Please read the complete documentation from cssjquery.


Please read the license from Accordion Website.

Basically, you are allowed to use Accordion CJ in any way you like, in both free and commercial projects, as long as you keep the "cssjquery" watermark visible on the top-left corner of the Accordion.

Click here if you want to get rid of the "cssjquery" watermark.


meteor add anbuselvan:accordion-gallery


Check the documentation here.

The integration is very simple. Create an accordion object and set the gallery images path in the parameter.

  Template.carousel.rendered = function() {
    //Create Accordion
    $accordion = $("#accordion").accordion({"path":"accordion/"});

Gallery Assets

Please keep all the gallery images in /public/accordion folder.

Also copy and paste the img folder that contains controller images, from /examples/accordion-gallery/public/accordion/img into your projects /public/accordion/ folder, and the final structure will be:

├── public
│   └── accordion
│       ├── 01.jpg
│       ├── 02.jpg
│       ├── 03.jpg
│       ├── 04.jpg
│       ├── 05.jpg
│       ├── 06.jpg
│       └── img
│           └── controller
│               ├── next.png
│               ├── pause.png
│               └── play.png

Sample App

Please check out the accordion-gallery project inside the examples folder.

Quick preview

Screen Capture

See it in action

Meteor - Accordion Gallery

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