An experimental Clojure backend for PureScript

License: Other

Language: Haskell


A small strongly typed programming language with expressive types that compiles to Javascript, written in and inspired by Haskell.

An experimental Clojure backend for PureScript


  • This is a quick, first-pass effort, so not much work has gone into it
  • Has been successfully run against a few tests from examples\passing


  • Everything you need to build PureScript
  • Clojure via Leiningen
  • Versions of the PureScript standard modules. Currently, the following modules have been ported, all found in repo
  • purescript-prelude
  • purescript-eff
  • purescript-console

Note that you must use branch clojure for each of these. Also note that they are based on the ongoing 0.8.x module overhaul, so some tests won't work. Any modules that do not require FFI can also be used (or at least tried).

Basic instructions

  • Build purescript itself in the usual way, but using code from this repo
  • Install Leiningen
  • Build your PureScript program source however you typically do, but use plc instead of psc, and make sure to use the versions of the standard modules mentioned above
  • cd to your output directory
  • Execute lein run to run your program, lein repl, or lein uberjar to AOT compile, etc. (normal Clojure stuff)

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