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Meteor Slack

A chat application made in 25 steps, and designed to look a little bit like Slack.

With channels for multiple users, markdown, gravatar, an autosizing textarea and a list of channels in a sidebar.


This code is part of the Meteor Workshop that takes place on the 14th of May 2015 in Gothenburg Sweden.

It was made solely do demonstrate the efficiency and the simple nature of Meteor.


Getting started

Clone the repository:

git clone

We created the code for this step just by calling meteor create meteor-slack in the terminal (console) and then added what was generated to the repo on the master branch (excluding this awesome README).

How to follow this guide?

Each page on the presentation on presents tasks that you are supposed to try and solve, if you get stuck or fall behind the group you can always ask an expert (if you're participating) or checkout the solution on the next step.

Follow the steps in the presentation

Navigate to the presentation on

This guide starts on the master branch.

Checkout the next step

git checkout step-# // <-- Replace # with the number of your current step in the presentation.


Thanks to @timbrandin who created this material, and the experts who helped to improve and make this workshop awesome (in alphabetical order):

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