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Squash 🎉

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Let's squash your commands.

Squash allows you to give a custom name to your shell commands. These commands can be run using the custom name.

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$ npm i -g ak-squash


  • Export the squash path, to make the commands executable.

    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/.squash

    To make this export permanent read here

  • Now try running squash --help. This should display details on using squash

  • This completes your setup


Once you are done with the setup. You can start giving custom names to your commands.

You can find example usage of all the available features of squash here

Syntax for using squash is

squash {{COMMAND}} --alias={{NAME_FOR_COMMAND}}

  • COMMAND: The shell command which will be given a name
  • NAME_FOR_COMMAND: The custom name

Note: You can wrap the command between "COMMAND" if the command contains any types of quotes or spaces


$ squash ls /home/squash --alias=list_squash

Now for using above created command just run

$ list_squash

Available Flags

Flags that require parameters

squash {{COMMAND}} --{{FLAG}}={{NAME_FOR_COMMAND}}
  • alias: to give name to a command
  • rm: removes a previously squashed command

Flags without parameters

squash --{{FLAG}}
  • help: gets help for squash
  • list: lists all the created commands
  • system-alias: lists all the system reserved aliases
  • pass-args: arguments called on the alias will be passed to the command. Use when creating the alias


  • It does not work in Windows.
  • It does not support the cd command
  • Manually exporting the path /usr/local/.squash is very important.


We are constantly working on improving squash and we need all the help we can get. You can contribute to this project by giving suggestions, fixing open issues or by implementing a new feature. Read our contibution guide here


Thank you to all the contributors who help in making this project better 🙌

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