Render images occurring by itself in a paragraph as `<figure>< img ...></figure>`, similar to pandoc's implicit_figures

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Render images occurring by itself in a paragraph as <figure><img ...></figure>, similar to pandoc's implicit figures.

Example input:

text with ![](img.png)


works with links too:



<p>text with <img src="img.png" alt=""></p>
<figure><img src="fig.png" alt=""></figure>
<p>works with links too:</p>
<figure><a href="page.html"><img src="fig.png" alt=""></a></figure>


$ npm install --save markdown-it-implicit-figures


var md = require('markdown-it')();
var implicitFigures = require('markdown-it-implicit-figures');

md.use(implicitFigures, {
  dataType: false,  // <figure data-type="image">, default: false
  figcaption: false,  // <figcaption>alternative text</figcaption>, default: false
  tabindex: false, // <figure tabindex="1+n">..., default: false
  link: false // <a href="img.png"><img src="img.png"></a>, default: false

var src = 'text with ![](img.png)\n\n![](fig.png)\n\nanother paragraph';
var res = md.render(src);


demo as jsfiddle


  • dataType: Set dataType to true to declare the data-type being wrapped, e.g.: <figure data-type="image">. This can be useful for applying special styling for different kind of figures.

  • figcaption: Set figcaption to true to put the alternative text in a <figcaption>-block after the image. E.g.: ![text](img.png) renders to

      <img src="img.png" alt="text">
  • tabindex: Set tabindex to true to add a tabindex property to each figure, beginning at tabindex="1" and incrementing for each figure encountered. Could be used with this css-trick, which expands figures upon mouse-over.

  • link: Put a link around the image if there is none yet.

  • copyAttrs: Copy attributes matching (RegExp or string) copyAttrs to figure element.


MIT © Arve Seljebu

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Render images occurring by itself in a paragraph as `<figure><img ...></figure>`, similar to pand...
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