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CSV files are the de-facto standard in many situations involving data transfer, particularly when...
Latest release - Updated - 43 stars
This library defines an Interpreter monad. It allows to load Haskell modules, browse them, type-c...
Latest release 0.9.0 - Updated - 134 stars
This library provides an implementation of the older blaze-builder interface in terms of the new ...
Latest release - Updated - 8 stars
Use regular Haskell data structures as your database and get stronger ACID guarantees than most R...
Latest release 0.14.3 - Updated - 210 stars
A simple lazy, infinite trie from integers.
Latest release 0.1.4 - Updated - 9 stars
MemoTrie provides a basis for memoized functions over some domains, using tries. It's based on i...
Latest release 0.6.9 - Updated - 32 stars
Prevent or capture writing to stdout and other handles.
Latest release 1.2.5 - Updated - 10 stars
Socks proxy (version 5) implementation.
Latest release 0.5.6 - Updated - 15 stars
The module Data.CaseInsensitive provides the CI type constructor which can be parameterised by a ...
Latest release - Updated - 18 stars
A full-featured backend for rendering diagrams using the cairo rendering engine. This ultimately...
Latest release 1.4.1 - Updated - 11 stars
Parses Javascript into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). Initially intended as frontend to hjsmin. ...
Latest release - Updated - 94 stars
A binary serialization library, similar to binary, that introduces an isolate primitive for parse...
Latest release - Updated - 53 stars
This package uses tagstream-conduit for its parser. It automatically balances mismatched tags, so...
Latest release 1.3.2 - Updated - 56 stars
Gitit is a wiki backed by a git, darcs, or mercurial filestore. Pages and uploaded files can be ...
Latest release - Updated - 1.61K stars
This package provides a bunch of ad hoc classes for accessing parts of a container. In practice ...
Latest release 3.12.1 - Updated - 17 stars
Hackage documentation generation is not reliable. For up to date documentation, please see: https...
Latest release 0.4.4 - Updated - 11 stars
Hspec is a testing framework for Haskell. It is inspired by the Ruby library RSpec. Some of Hspec...
Latest release 2.7.0 - Updated
Reduces size of javascript files by stripping out extraneous whitespace and other syntactic eleme...
Latest release - Updated - 20 stars
This library implements the RSA encryption and signature algorithms for arbitrarily-sized ByteStr...
Latest release 2.3.1 - Updated - 13 stars
This package defines new symbols for a number of functions, operators and types in the base packa...
Latest release 0.2.3 - Updated - 26 stars
This library provides an easy way to define command line parsers. Most users will want to use the...
Latest release 0.10.20 - Updated - 46 stars
HaskellDB requires this driver to work with any of HDBC's drivers.
Latest release 2.2.4 - Updated - 77 stars
Specify a single unified grammar which can be used for parsing and pretty-printing
Latest release - Updated - 5 stars
HaskellDB requires this driver if HDBC will be used to connect to an ODBC database.
Latest release 2.1.2 - Updated - 77 stars
HaskellDB requires this driver if HDBC will be used to connect to a SQLlite3 database.
Latest release 2.1.2 - Updated - 77 stars
Adjunctions and representable functors.
Latest release 4.4 - Updated - 20 stars
Active abstraction for animated things with finite start and end times.
Latest release - Updated - 12 stars
Distributive functors -- Dual to Traversable
Latest release 0.6 - Updated - 24 stars
Turn Data.Serialize Gets and Puts into Sources, Sinks, and Conduits.
Latest release 0.8.0 - Updated - 565 stars
This is a Haskell library for writing CGI programs.
Latest release 3001.3.0.3 - Updated - 3 stars

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