Extended version of Agda in which we have added an ATP-pragma

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Language: Haskell

Extended version of Agda

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We have extended the development version of Agda in order to handle a new built-in ATP-pragma.

This version of Agda is used for reasoning about functional programs by combining interactive and automatic proofs (see


You can download our extended version of Agda using Git with the following command:

$ git clone

This will create a directory called eagda. Installing our extended version is similar to the installation of Agda (see for more information). In our setup, we run the first time the following commands:

$ cd eagda
$ make install-bin
$ agda-mode setup

To test the installation of the extended version of Agda, type-check a module which uses the new built-in ATP-pragma, for example

module Test where

data _∨_ (A B : Set) : Set where
  inj₁ : A  A ∨ B
  inj₂ : B  A ∨ B

  A B    : Set
  ∨-comm : A ∨ B  B ∨ A
{-# ATP prove ∨-comm #-}

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