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Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified in standard...
Latest release 12.3.2 - Updated - 1.41K stars
kramdown is yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby, using a strict syntax definition and...
Latest release 2.0.0.beta1 - Updated - 1.28K stars
Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
Latest release 3.8.5 - Updated - 36.4K stars
Ruby Sass is deprecated! See for details. Sass makes...
Latest release 3.7.3 - Updated - 143 stars
Manipulate images with minimal use of memory via ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick
Latest release 4.9.2 - Updated - 2.31K stars
Command line tool and ruby interface to optimize (lossless compress, optionally lossy) jpeg, png,...
Latest release 0.26.2 - Updated - 1.23K stars
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