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License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: Haskell


This is a platform-native compiler backend for PureScript. It attempts to generate "sane", debuggable, and portable C++11 (or later) or Go code as an intermediate language, which is then compiled to a native executable binary. This also enables easy interoperability with existing C/C++ or Go frameworks and libraries on a number of platforms.

There are two utilities in the purescript-native "suite": pscpp and psgo. The source code in this branch is for psgo, the purescript-to-Go transpiler. For the source code of the pscpp purescript-to-C++ transpiler, please see the cpp branch.


  • Although purescript-native should work on any platform supporting PureScript and modern C++ or Go, the generated code and resulting binary executables have been tested on:
    • macOS Mojave 10.14.5 – full test suite
      • For C++, Xcode 10.2.1's clang was used
      • For Go, go version 1.12.7 was used
    • Windows 10 x64 – full test suite
      • C++: Visual Studio 2017 and clang
      • Go: go version 1.12.7
    • Linux Debian 9.5 amd64 – full test suite (C++)
      • Default versions of clang and gcc
    • Linux Debian 10 amd64 – full test suite (Go)
      • Default version of go
    • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Raspbian official build (ARM), default versions of clang and gcc

Requirements for building pscpp and psgo

  • Haskell Stack (if you're running macOS 10.14.5+, you can use pre-built binaries from here)

Requirements for using PureScript + purescript-native

  • A recent version (0.13+) of purescript.

  • For pscpp, a C++11-capable toolchain, e.g. recent versions of clang, gcc, Microsoft Visual Studio

    • GNU Make + psc-package is the default supported build tool, but you should be able to use your favorite package manager, C++ build system, tools, debuggers, etc.
  • For psgo, the Go toolchain for your system

    • You can use your favorite PureScript package manager and build tools – but for simplicity, spago is recommended.

For more information and a Getting Started guide, please see

Notes on use with MATLAB in Nix

Several nix-shell executions are required to get things working. Hopefully this can be improved in the future.

export BDIR=`pwd` # do this from a project directory
nix-shell ci.nix # from justinwoo/easy-purescript-nix
# Now to get MATLAB working, example here is from FederatedCloud/COBRAContainers
cd ~/workspace/COBRAContainers/nix/shells/MATLAB && nix-shell

spago build --purs-args "-g corefn" && cd $HOME/workspace/purescript-dynlangs && stack --no-nix-pure exec psmatlab --cwd $BDIR; cd $BDIR

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