ESLint integration for Lighttable

Language: JavaScript

ESLint for Lighttable

ESLint integration for Lighttable, using the Linting plugin.


Configuration used within an editor is loaded from the following sources, in precedence order:

  1. A .eslintrc or .eslintrc.json file in the project directory of the current editor.
  2. A "eslintConfig" section in the package.json file in the project directory of the current editor.
  3. Specified in the behaviour - e.g. [:editor.javascript [ {:parserOptions {:ecmaVersion 6 :ecmaFeatures {:experimentalObjectRestSpread true :jsx true} :sourceType "module"} :rules {:no-multiple-empty-lines [2 {:max 1}] :semi [2 "never"] :no-cond-assign 2}}]]
  4. Some default rules, specified in


Copyright © 2016 Brendan Bates

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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