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creep-tasks is a plugin for your Screeps codebase which adds a concise and flexible creep.task property to your creeps. Tasks are persistent objects that generalize the concept of "do action X to thing Y until condition Z is met" and they can save a lot of convoluted and redundant code in creep logic. A Task object contains the necessary logic for traveling to a target, performing an action on the target, and realizing when a task is no longer sensible to continue.

creep-tasks has been adapted from the Overmind Screeps AI.


For an overview of how Tasks work and a full API reference, please refer to the creep-tasks Wiki.


Many Screeps bots use decision trees which run every tick to determine what a creep should be doing. Tasks streamline this process into two separate parts: task assignment and task execution. Since tasks are persistent, you only need to run decision tree logic when a creep is idle. Here's a very simple example of writing an upgrader role using tasks:

/* main.js */

let Tasks = require('creep-tasks');

// Upgraders will harvest to get energy, then upgrade the room controller
let roleUpgrader = {
    newTask: function(creep) { // task assignment logic
        if ( > 0) {
            creep.task = Tasks.upgrade(;
        } else {
            creep.task = Tasks.harvest([0])

module.exports.loop = function () {
    /* (Spawning logic would go here) */
    let upgraders = _.values(Game.creeps);
    for (let upgrader of upgraders) {
        if (upgrader.isIdle) { // obtain a new task if the creep is idle
        }; // run the assigned task

This repository contains simple example bots built using creep-tasks written in JavaScript and in TypeScript. You can see more complex creep-tasks examples in the Overmind codebase.


There are several ways to install creep-tasks. I would recommend using npm, but depending on how your environment is set up and how much you'd like to modify the source, installing from binary or from source might work better for you.

(JavaScript/TypeScript) Install from npm:

Navigate to your project root and run npm install creep-tasks. The npm module comes with included typings if you are using TypeScript. Use var Tasks = require('creep-tasks') to import the Tasks module in JS or import Tasks from 'creep-tasks' to import in TS.

(JavaScript only) Install from compiled module:

  1. Download or copy/paste the code in bin/creep-tasks.js and put it in a new module.
  2. Add require('creep-tasks') to your main.js file outside of the main loop.
  3. Use var Tasks = require('creep-tasks') wherever you need to set creep tasks.

(TypeScript only) Install from source:

  1. Download this repository and copy the src/creep-tasks directory to somewhere in your codebase.
  2. Import the necessary prototypes in main.ts with import 'creep-tasks/prototypes' outside of the main loop.
  3. Use import {Tasks} from 'creep-tasks/Tasks' (path to Tasks.ts) whenever you need to set creep tasks.


If you find an issue with creep-tasks or want to leave feedback, please feel free to submit an issue. If you'd like to contribute to creep-tasks, pull requests are also welcome!



  • Version 1.3 released - adds chaining functionality with Tasks.chain(), adds TaskWithdrawAll, adds nextPos option, and fixes bugs


  • Version 1.2 released - adds TaskTransferAll, adds oneShot option, and fixes bugs


  • Version 1.1 released - repackaged for better npm support and now with included typings


  • Initial release

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