Docker container for MediaWiki's Parsoid

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MediaWiki uses its custom Parsoid service as part of its new WYSIWYG, VisualEditor. This is a simple container to run an instance of it.

This Docker container expects the MediaWiki URL to be provided as an environment variable -e MW_URL=http://wiki and exposes the Parsoid service on port 8000. Example:

docker run \
  -p 8142:8142 \
	-e MW_URL="http://wiki" \

Note Depending on the version of Parsoid being used:

  • It may use port 8000 or 8142
  • Settings may be at /etc/mediawiki/parsoid/settings.js or /usr/lib/parsoid/src/api/localsettings.js

Interested in running MediaWiki inside Docker?

Check out benhutchins/docker-mediawiki.

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