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(:require [cljs-react-test.simulate :as sim]
          [cljs-react-test.utils :as tu])

It is not trivial to get the dependecies right when adding libraries that depend on different versions of React (addons vs no addons). The following very explicit configuration should work:

(:dependencies [cljs-react-test "0.1.4-SNAPSHOT"]
               [cljsjs/react-with-addons "15.2.0-0"]
               [cljsjs/react-dom "15.2.0-0" :exclusions [cljsjs/react]])


A thin wrapper around React.addons.TestUtils. It provides convenient access to their Simulate Events in ClojureScript in a more idiomatic way. All of React's Synthetic Events have their corresponding action in kebab-case, removing the "on":

Simulate.onChange(target, data)
(change target data)

Simulate.onDrop(target, data)
(drop target data)

All arguments can be passed as ClojureScript objects and they will be converted to JS objects via clj->js.

Note: Right now all functions take two arguments, even those that don't need the second one:

(click target)      ;; Will raise a warning
(click target nil)  ;; Correct Way

This will be corrected in the next version.

It also offers a couple of convenient fixture functions in the cljs-react-test.utils namespace such as new-container! and unmount!.

Testing Example:

This guide uses om which is deprecated in favor of For an example using raw React, look at test/basic.cljs in this repository

We will be testing an Om component that takes a name as input and displays it. We start by requiring cljs-react-test.utils, cljs-react-test.simulate, and dommy.core, and our usual namespaces:

(ns cljs-react-test.basic
    (:require [cljs.test :refer-macros [deftest testing is are use-fixtures]]
              [cljs-react-test.utils :as tu]
              [cljs-react-test.simulate :as sim]
              [dommy.core :as dommy :refer-macros [sel1 sel]]
              [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
              [om.dom :as dom :include-macros true]))

We create a var where we will put a DOM object to act as container for our application and a fixture function that starts it, runs the tests, and then tears down React's rendering tree:

(def ^:dynamic c)

(use-fixtures :each (fn [test-fn]
                      (binding [c (tu/new-container!)]
                        (tu/unmount! c))))

Note: this fixture will not work with asynchronous tests.

We write the simplest component we can think of:

(defn test-component [data owner]
   (dom/div nil
            (dom/p nil "Enter your name:")
             #js {:onChange #(om/update! data :name (.. % -target -value))
                  :value (:name data)})
            (dom/p nil (str "Your name is: " (:name data))))))

And then we test it assuming there is a DOM Element at c:

(deftest name-component
  (testing "The initial state is displayed"
    (let [app-state (atom {:name "Arya"})
          _ (om/root test-component app-state {:target c})
          display-node (second (sel c [:p]))
          input-node (sel1 c [:input])]
      (is (re-find #"Arya" (.-innerHTML display-node)))
      (testing "and when there is new input, it changes the state"
        (sim/change input-node {:target {:value "Nymeria"}})
        (is (= "Nymeria" (:name @app-state)))
        (is (re-find #"Nymeria" (.-innerHTML display-node)))))))

Notice the structure of test:

  1. Set up the initial state in app-state.
  2. Start the application with om/root into c.
  3. Test the initial rendering.
  4. Simulate events and then force a re-render with om/render-all.
  5. Test the changes both in the state and in the rendering tree.
  6. Go back to 4

Run the Tests

First download the repo:

git clone
cd cljs-react-tests

And then run the tests with doo:

lein with-profile test doo slimer test

Or if you want to use PhantomJS:

lein with-profile test doo phantom test

Or use the alias defined in project.clj which uses SlimerJS:

lein test

I've had a better experience with SlimerJS than with PhantomJS.

We need to run the tests in a different profile since the library itself shouldn't depend on om but the tests do.


Pull requests, issues, and feedback welcome.


Copyright © 2016 Sebastian Bensusan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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