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The React.js command line utility.

Development Hints

Working with master

git clone
cd react-cli
npm link

npm link is very similar to npm install -g except that instead of downloading the package from the repo the just cloned react-cli/ folder becomes the global package. Any changes to the files in the react-cli/ folder will immediately affect the global react-cli package.

Now you can use react-cli via the command line:

react new todo
cd foo
npm start

Please read the official npm-link documentation and the npm-link cheatsheet for more information.

Working with the tests

Use npm test to run the tests (Runs only fast tests).

For a full test run which includes some very slow acceptance tests, please run: npm run test-all. Please note, this is what travis runs.

To exclude a test or test suite append a .skip to it() or describe() respectively (e.g. it.skip(...)). To focus on a certain test or test suite append .only.

Please read the official mocha documentation for more information.

Project Elements

Additional components of this project which are used at runtime in your application:


Inline Documentation

Use npm run docs to build HTML and JSON documentation with YUIDoc and place it in docs/build/. Please help by improving this documentation.





All donations will support ember-cli project and treats for contributors.

Support via Gittip


react-cli is MIT Licensed.

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