A tool for finding haddocks

License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: Haskell


trawl is a wrapper around ghc-pkg which makes it easier to locate documentation for installed packages.

Given the name of a package or module, trawl simply prints the location of the corresponding Haddock HTML on your filesystem.


$ cabal install trawl


$ trawl --help
Usage: trawl ((-p|--package PACKAGE) | (-m|--module MODULE) |
             (-v|--member MODULE.MEMBER)) [--stack]

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -p,--package PACKAGE     Find the haddock index for PACKAGE
  -m,--module MODULE       Find the haddock page for MODULE
  -v,--member MODULE.MEMBER
                           Find the haddock page section for MEMBER of MODULE
  --stack                  Use stack environment

trawl is intended to be used in conjunction with your favourite program for viewing HTML documents. For example,

$ chromium-browser $(trawl -p async)

Stack support

trawl supports Stack projects with the --stack option. The same effect can be achieved by running trawl via stack exec. (Under the hood, trawl with the --stack option is just invoking ghc-pkg via stack exec.)

Cabal sandboxes

trawl has no explicit support for Cabal sandboxes. To find haddocks in a sandbox, run using cabal exec, for example:

$ cabal exec trawl -- -m Control.Concurrent.Async

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A tool for finding haddocks
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