Lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma


License: MIT

Language: Vue

Keywords: bulma, components, vue, vue-admin, vue-bulma, vuejs

Buefy is a lightweight library of responsive UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma framework and design.


  • Keep your current Bulma theme / variables easily
  • Supports both Material Design Icons and FontAwesome
  • Very lightweight with none internal dependencies aside from Vue & Bulma
  • About 60KB min+gzip (with Bulma included)
  • Semantic code output
  • Follows Bulma design and some of the Material Design UX
  • Focus on usability and performance without over-animating stuff


The documentation is in the docs directory, it serves as the demo as well.

Browse online documentation here.

Quick start

You need Vue.js version 2.5+.

1 Install via npm

npm install buefy

2 Import and use Buefy


import Vue from 'vue';
import Buefy from 'buefy';
import 'buefy/dist/buefy.css';


or Individual Components

import Vue from 'vue'
import { Field, Input } from 'buefy/dist/components'
import 'buefy/dist/buefy.css'



import Vue from 'vue'
import Field from 'buefy/dist/components/field'
import Input from 'buefy/dist/components/input'
import 'buefy/dist/buefy.css'


3 Include Material Design Icons

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//cdn.materialdesignicons.com/2.0.46/css/materialdesignicons.min.css">

If you want to customize the icons or the theme, refer to the customization section on the documentation.

Alternatively, you can use a CDN or even download

<!-- Buefy CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/buefy/dist/buefy.min.css">

<!-- Buefy JavaScript -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/buefy/dist/buefy.min.js"></script>

Browser support

Recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and Safari. IE10+ is only partially supported.


While it's still in beta, version will follow v0.Y.Z, where:

  • Y: Major (breaking changes)
  • Z: Minor or patch


Supporting through Patreon

Buefy is an open source MIT project if you are interested in supporting this project, please consider becoming a patron.

Become a Patron


Code released under MIT license.

Copyright (c), Rafael Beraldo.

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