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License: MIT

Language: TypeScript


npm version

DefinitelyTyped as an npm package.

An experiment in using the new module resolution strategies in TypeScript 1.6.


The following directories are massive (1MB+), so I exclude them from the npm package:

  • angular2/
  • devextreme/
  • dojo/
  • ej.widgets.all/
  • extjs/
  • fhir/
  • mendixmodelsdk/
  • sencha_touch/
  • winrt/
  • yfiles/


This is a fork of DefinitelyTyped, so it should be trivial to merge in updates.

git remote add upstream
git pull upstream master

Then just confirm the default merge message, set a version, and publish.

npm version patch
git push
git push --tags
npm publish


This source code is distributed under the MIT License.

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