Ready to rock starter/sample project to get a Vaadin app going using Groovy.

Language: Groovy

Keywords: gradle, groovy, spring-boot, starter, vaadin

Spring Boot Groovy Vaadin Starter

Ready to rock starter/sample project to get going a Vaadin app using Groovy.

This uses by default:


Like many other starters or bootstraps, this project makes some assumptions, what is needed and where it is. The focus is to have an easy way to build web apps using Vaadin 8 and Groovy 2.4 on Java 8, run it for development and build a fat jar for deployment. (Note, that support for Vaadin 7 moved in the discontinued branch vaadin-7).

It configures a theme and a widgetset right away (both named app). The theme derives from Valo. There is a spring profile named dev to gather configs (like to tell Vaadin, it is not in production mode) for development.


Checking the starter out into directory app and get rid of the origin.

git clone app
cd app
# git remote rm origin # get rid of the origin so you can add your own
# git reset $(git commit-tree HEAD^{tree} -m "bootstrap") # squash all commits into one
./gradlew bootRun
# check http://localhost:8080

Build a fat jar and run it:

./gradlew build
java -jar build/libs/app.jar

If you are running IntelliJ IDEA, you can create the projects files with:

./gradlew idea

This sets up a .ipr file you can open with IDEA.

The created project has some additional configurations. First the default for the version control is git. Second the Gradle settings are already added/changed to use the wrapper. Third there are two configurations setup up to run and reload the project.

This this is using spring-boot-devtools to handle the reloading of live changes. If you run run dev in debug mode you can then simply run reload to update changes to the running process, while keeping the container running as long as possible.

Code Tour

build.gradle: Versions and general setup of the project and the name of the widgetset used to auto-generate/-update and used with @Widgetset('app') in AppUI.
gradle/groovyOptions.groovy: Default config for the groovy compiler. @CompileStatic is enabled by default.
gradle/springboot-vaadin-fixes.gradle: All configs to make both the Springboot and the Vaadin Gradle plug-in play nicely together.
gradle/idea.gradle: Config for the IDEA project (see above)
config/codenarc/ruleset.groovy: Default ruleset with few commented rules resulting in errors.
src/main/groovy/app/Application.groovy: main and Spring Boot setup
src/main/groovy/app/ui/AppUI.groovy: Trivial UI with the theme and widgetset.
src/main/resources/VAADIN/themes/app/: The theme used with @Theme('app') in AppUI.
src/main/resources/application.yaml: Application config and Spring profile dev defined.
src/main/resources/logback.xml: Default logging with package app set to DEBUG

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