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An extensible media player for the web


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clapper An extensible media player for the web.
JavaScript - BSD-3-Clause - Last pushed - 4.84K stars - 683 forks
[WIP] Core components of the Clappr player architecture
JavaScript - BSD-3-Clause - Last pushed - 2 stars
📺 RTMP support for Clappr player.
ActionScript - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 69 stars - 33 forks
A dash playback (based on shaka-player) for clapper Clappr
JavaScript - BSD-3-Clause - Last pushed - 46 stars - 21 forks
Clappr Level Selector Plugin
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 58 stars - 44 forks
An extensible media player for Android.
Kotlin - BSD-3-Clause - Last pushed - 51 stars - 16 forks
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Published Packages

An extensible media player for the web
Latest release 0.3.12 - Updated - 4.84K stars
An extensible media player for the web
Latest release 0.3.12 - Published - 4.84K stars
Core components of the extensible media player for the web
Latest release 0.4.11 - Updated - 2 stars
clappr dash playback based on shaka player
Latest release 2.3.3 - Updated - 46 stars
An extensible media player for iOS and tvOS
Latest release 0.45.0 - Updated - 107 stars
A simple plugin for Clappr that adds support to manually select level on multi-bitrate streams.
Latest release 0.2.0 - Updated - 58 stars
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Most Used Packages

yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
Latest release 15.4.0-beta.0 - Updated - 7.69K stars
Detect whether a terminal supports color
Latest release 7.1.0 - Updated - 184 stars
Streams3, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js
Latest release 3.6.0 - Updated - 815 stars
small debugging utility
Latest release 4.2.0 - Updated - 8.76K stars
Get the native type of a value.
Latest release 6.0.3 - Updated - 252 stars
Terminal string styling done right
Latest release 4.0.0 - Updated - 14.2K stars
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