Liberator is a Clojure library for building RESTful applications.

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Language: Clojure

Keywords: clojure, http, rest, server-side

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Liberator is a Clojure library for building RESTful applications.

Quick Links

You can find documentation at

If you have any questions, visit our fine google group at!forum/clojure-liberator

Similar projects

Liberator used to be known as compojure-rest. It got renamed in July 2012.

Liberator is loosely modeled after webmachine and shares the same aims as Bishop.

Warming up


The examples in this document rely on you installing leiningen 2.

We'll also use curl for testing. If you don't have curl installed (ie. you're using Windows), there's some Clojure tests you can use instead.

Running the examples

A set of examples is included.

If you want to see the examples in a browser, run

lein examples

This will start a web server on port 8000 (but you can specify a alternative port with an argument, eg. lein examples 8001). Alternatively you can run the web server with lein ring server).

Ensuring the tests pass

Liberator uses Midje for testing. You can run all the tests like this :-

lein midje


Documentation and a tutorial can be found on


Liberator is licensed under EPL 1.0 (see file epl-v10.html).

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