Python API Client for Close

Language: Python

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Close API

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A convenient Python wrapper for the Close API.


pip install closeio

Sample Usage (of API client)

from closeio_api import Client

api = Client('YOUR_API_KEY')

# post a lead
lead ='lead', data={'name': 'New Lead'})

# get 5 most recently updated opportunities
opportunities = api.get('opportunity', params={'_order_by': '-date_updated', '_limit': 5})

# fetch multiple leads (using search syntax)
lead_results = api.get('lead', params={
    '_limit': 10,
    '_fields': 'id,display_name,status_label',
    'query': 'custom.my_custom_field:"some_value" status:"Potential" sort:updated'

Example scripts

Check out for helpful scripts already written to accomplish some common tasks.

Other Languages

There are unofficial API clients available in other languages too, thanks to some awesome contributors:

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