his ansible role install docker at Debian and Centos.

License: MIT

Language: Makefile

Keywords: ansible, centos7, clouddrove, devops, docker, playbook, ubuntu

Ansible Role Docker

This ansible role install docker on linux.

Ansible Licence Distribution Distribution Distribution

We eat, drink, sleep and most importantly love DevOps. DevOps always promotes automation and standardisation. While setting up various environments like local, dev, testing, production, etc. it is critical to maintain the same environment across. This can easily be achieved using automating the environment setup & installation with the help of ansible-playbooks.

Smaller roles are created for each environment elements; which also include tasks & tests. These roles can then be grouped together in ansible-playbook to achieve the desired yet consistent results.


This module has a few dependencies:

What Includes

Followiing things includes in this role:

  • docker
  • docker-compose

Example Playbook

IMPORTANT: Since the master branch used in source varies based on new modifications, we suggest that you use the release versions here.

- hosts: localhost
  remote_user: root
    - clouddrove.ansible_role_docker


    docker_users: ['docker']
    docker_compose_install: true
    docker_compose_version: "1.21.2"


  $ ansible-galaxy install clouddrove.ansible_role_docker


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About us

At CloudDrove, we offer expert guidance, implementation support and services to help organisations accelerate their journey to the cloud. Our services include docker and container orchestration, cloud migration and adoption, infrastructure automation, application modernisation and remediation, and performance engineering.

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