Data acquisition for Raspberry Pi and Micropython

License: Other

Language: Python

Keywords: data-science, drivers, micropython, raspberrypi

Meerkat - A Data Acquisition Library for Raspberry Pi and MicroPython


  • Pure Python API to I2C devices
  • Raspberry Pi and MicroPython - code written on one platform will run on the other without modification.
  • Data output to .csv with JSON header or pure JSON
  • Parser to convert .csv to Pandas DataFrame
  • Standardized timestamps and timestamp parsing
  • Metadata description of devices in JSON
  • Object oriented class structure allows easy REPL use
  • Base methods separated from device drivers for reusability and extension


Raspberry Pi 3 - Python 3, Jupyter and Pandas. MicroPython - Only larger memory microcontrollers such as the FiPy and OpenMV M7 are supported.

Supported Devices

Interface Type Implemented Device Module Status
Power Relay Sparkfun Qwiic Single Relay Done
DC & Stepper Motor Grove Motor Driver v1.3 Done
Ambient Temperature MCP9808 Done
DC Current & Power INA219 Done
Acceleration & Gyro MPU6050 Done
Analog to Digital ADS1115 Done
pH, Conductivity Atlas Sensors Done
Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, VOC Gas Bosch BME680 Done


The examples directory contains detailed Jupyter Notebook examples and the tests folder has python scripts for testing on MicroPython.


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