Drupal 7.x module which provides a Teamspeak 3 server viewer rendered in a block


Language: PHP

Keywords: drupal-module, php, teamspeak

Drupal 7 Teamspeak 3 Module


This module provides a simple Teamspeak 3 server web viewer rendered into a block
It's compatible only with Drupal 7.x core: no Drupal 6 version will be implemented since there are already other modules that offer the same functionality and which are compatible with Drupal 6.x core.


As usual for Drupal 7.x modules you can install this one in 2 ways:

  • Download the repo as .zip archive and install it using the Drupal 7.x built in Update Manager.
  • Download the repo and unpack the archive in sites/all/modules/ in your Drupal 7 installation.


Navigate to: Admin > Configuration > Teamspeak > Settings (admin/config/teamspeak/settings if you have clean URL enabled) and fill in the configuration form with correct data. The module provide an internal block cache system which is independent from the Drupal 7 block cache. In the Advanced category of configuration form, you can tune your cache preferences, together with the Teamspeak 3 server connection timeout.

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