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Course material for lens
Haskell - Other - Last pushed - 78 stars - 25 forks
A bare-bones TensorFlow framework for Bayesian deep learning and Gaussian process approximation
Python - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 86 stars - 6 forks
An reimplementation of the Statistics.Sample Haskell module using the foldl package
Haskell - Other - Last pushed - 8 stars - 1 forks
WCAG-Zoo is a set of command line tools that help provide basic validation of HTML against the ac...
Python - Other - Last pushed - 13 stars - 3 forks
GNAF geocoder and more
Scala - Other - Last pushed - 14 stars - 8 forks
matching between unstructured and structured data sets
Scala - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 5 stars
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Published Packages

Bayesian supervised deep learning with TensorFlow
Latest release 0.8.0 - Updated - 86 stars
WCAG-Zoo is a set of command line tools that help provide basic validation of HTML against the ac...
Latest release 0.2.5 - Updated - 13 stars
The use of this package allows statistics to be computed using at most two passes over the input ...
Latest release - Updated - 8 stars
Six figure group
Latest release 0.0.1 - Published - 1 stars
Prelude with only useful functions
Latest release 0.0.2 - Updated - 2 stars
Prelude with only useful functions
Latest release 0.1.1 - Updated - 2 stars
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Most Used Packages

A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
Latest release 2.1a1 - Updated - 33.9K stars
Web APIs for Django, made easy.
Latest release 3.8.2 - Updated - 10.5K stars
psycopg2 - Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter
Latest release 2.7.4 - Updated - 882 stars
Standard library for the Scala Programming Language
Latest release 2.13.0-M4-pre-20d3c21 - Updated - 10.2K stars
NumPy: array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects.
Latest release 1.14.3 - Updated - 7.13K stars
JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by ...
Latest release 4.12 - Updated - 6.86K stars
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