This package can get movie, tv series, streaming provider from

License: MIT

Language: PHP

Keywords: api, api-client, captainwatch, movie, streaming, tvshow, waatch

Waatch API

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This package can get movie, tv series, streaming provider from Here's a quick example:

$client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client();
$waatch = new Defro\Waatch\Api($client);
$images = $waatch
    ->setLanguage('fr') // Language ISO


Get detail info about the movie.

$movie = $waatch
    ->getMovie(857) // The Movie DB ID of Saving Private Ryan

Set country ISO code to filter streaming providers of this country.

$movie = $waatch
    ->setCountry('fr') // All streaming providers in France
    ->getMovie(374720) // The Movie DB ID of "Dunkirk"

TV Show

Get detail info about a TV show.

$movie = $waatch
    ->getTvShow(1668) // The Movie DB ID of "Friends"

Streaming provider

Get all providers.

$movie = $waatch

Get all Movies and TV Shows for a specific provider

$movie = $waatch
    ->getProvider('itun') // iTunes reference ID


The MIT License (MIT). Please see license file for more information.

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