A Cordova plugin to change the Status and Navigation bar

License: GPL-3.0

Language: Java

Cordova Bartinter Plugin

A Cordova plugin to change the colors of the Status and Navigation bar

This plugin only supports android 5 and up!

An visual look of what the plugin does:

Easy start guide

Step 1: First add this plugin to your cordova project using cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-bartinter
Step 2: Include cordova.js in the preferred HTML files like this: <script src="cordova.js"> (if it isn't in your HTML file yet)


Put these snippets into your config.xml to apply the colors!
BarTinter StatusBarColor Example

<preference name="StatusBarColor" value="#000000"/>

BarTinter NavigationBarColor Example

<preference name="NavigationBarColor" value="#000000"/>

If the color isn't a hex color the function won't work!

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